Monday, April 29, 2013

RMA Timeshare

The services provided Resort Management Association has helped over 85,000 timeshare owners completely eliminate their maintenance fee's.

The timeshare industry today is littered with scam companies operating under claims they can sell timeshare property on the secondary market when no such market exists. Many of our clients have been scammed by these companies in the past and our goal is to educate and inform all timeshare owners regarding the reality of timeshare ownership and provide a guaranteed process to assist timeshare owners with eliminating their maintenance fee's.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Resort Management Association Reviews?

Within the timeshare industry it is pretty much common knowledge that there are a lot of unscrupulous scams operating. Most timeshare owners have been solicited by these fraudsters at one time or another. The most common scam involves contacting a timeshare owner and offering them a guaranteed sale of their timeshare for just a few hundred dollars to close the sale. With this being said it is not surprising that timeshare owners are extremely skeptical when it comes to dealing with their timeshare.

That is why Resort Management Association is happy to provide reviews about their service that helps timeshare owners get rid of their financial timeshare obligations once and for all. RMA does not sell or rent timeshare on behalf of owners, we assume a contractual responsibility for owners financial timeshare obligations and get them out of the contract. The fact is that a timeshare is a complete financial liability.

Resort Management Association provides a service to timeshare owners who are not longer satisfied with their ownership. Regardless of the reason for these owners to no longer want their timeshare, the resort has failed them. There is simply no clear exit solution when it comes to a timeshare contract, this is why Resort Management Association does what it does for timeshare owners. There is a strong demand for this service within the timeshare industry and RMA is dedicated to helping these owners.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Has Your Resort Helped You Lately?

If you own a timeshare at a popular resort location then you have probably enjoyed some of the many luxurious amenities and accommodations that they office. You are probably well aware of just what a nice and relaxing vacation experience that your timeshare provides you. But what has your timeshare resort done for you lately? Chances are that you have experienced increases in the financial cost of ownership for your timeshare that you are contractually obligated to pay regardless of whether or not you go on vacation.

This issue of rising maintenance fees and unpredictable special assessments has become a serious problem for many timeshare owners. Luckily Resort Management Association is here to help. We make sure that you are able to manage your resort ownership so that it benefits you. By completely and permanently eliminating your timeshare maintenance fee obligations while still allowing you to continue to vacation at your resort!

Nothing is worse than being all ready to go for your next vacation with your bags packed only to realize you can't quite make it due to a random special assessment. Or maybe your maintenance fees increased by an extra $350 which leaves you with no spending money while on vacation. No one wants to be taken advantage of by their timeshare resort, and lets face it, you simply cannot vacation without money. The whole point of timeshares is supposed to be that you will SAVE money but when your cost of ownership goes up for seemingly no reason it can mean that you no longer get to take your well earned vacation!

Do not let your timeshare resort prevent you from getting the vacation you deserve. Let Resort Management Association help you to eliminate your maintenance fees so you can enjoy your vacations again!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Resort Management Association

Timeshares have the potential to provide amazing unforgetable vacation experiences. However, they also have a serious potential to cause financial woes for those who own them. When timeshare maintenance fees increase or an unexpected special assessment is received timeshare owners are often unprepared for the changes. This has caused many owners to search for a way to sell their timeshares.

Unfortunately this reaction by timeshare owners has cause the timeshare resale market to become over populated with seller and not nearly enough buyers. And timeshare scammers have taken advantage of this marketplace. They know that timeshare owners and resort members have a strong desire to get out and they use this to take advantage of them by promising to have a buyer ready and waiting when in fact there is no one waiting to buy their timeshare.

Resort Management Association wants to prevent timeshare owners and resort members from being scammed. Why try to sell your timeshare in a market that has no demand when all you really want to do is eliminate your timeshare maintenance fees. Let Resort Management Association help you by effectively eliminating any and all timeshare related financial obligations!